When it comes to treating hearing loss, the most common recommendation is hearing aids. These devices can be worn behind the ear, in the ear or in the canal and offer you a chance to easily reconnect with the world around you again. The best hearing aid for you depends on a number of factors, including your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. An audiologist will be able to walk through the various options with you when it comes to the style of device and technological features. If you’re curious what technology awaits you, consider some of these top-of-the-line features when it comes to hearing aids.

Phone and hearing aid integrations

If you rely heavily on your cellphone, there are actually a number of ways hearing aids can improve your experience. From calling loved ones and friends to checking out the latest video and music releases that you enjoy, smartphones have become ubiquitous devices that everyone owns and uses on a daily basis. Using your cellphone with your hearing devices gives you an easier way to connect and utilize the full capabilities of the technology.

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids allow us to connect to our phone, check the battery levels and even change settings if needed. Many electronic devices now support Bluetooth; whether it’s to receive sound output or to monitor our hearing aids, we can expect to see more technological integrations into our hearing aids, making them more hands-on and easier to integrate into your daily life.

Rechargeable hearing aids

Although rechargeable hearing aids are nothing new, the rate at which batteries are improving in efficiency is definitely increasing. Currently, it’s still very common to have to purchase dozens of hearing aid batteries as replacements to be used over the course of a year. If you’re using a relatively new hearing aid with lots of convenient features, then you’ll probably be going through even more batteries than you could imagine.

Thankfully, rechargeable batteries are starting to make their way to hearing aids, and more audiologists are starting to recommend them especially now that fast-charging devices are becoming more common. This means that instead of waiting hours to get full power, you could potentially charge you hearing aids more quickly and get an entire day’s worth of juice.

Directional microphones

When you have hearing loss, your ears have a difficult time filtering out sounds that aren’t important. This makes it difficult to hear conversation when immersed in a louder environment. One hearing aid feature that can help combat this effect is directional microphones. This feature makes it easier for you to hear the sounds you really want to. Noise can come from a variety of areas and directional microphones allow your devices to hone in on the right sounds, which means you don’t have to work as hard to focus.

Integrated health trackers

Wristbands that track your health are starting to become more popular and clever engineers have started to find ways to add those health tracking functions to our hearing aids. With embedded sensors that allow us to track our movement and also relay that information to a smartphone, we can expect to see hearing aids that contain plenty of useful functions that can help us live healthier lives in the future.

Although this technology is still relatively new, there are plenty of upgrades and advancements to some of our favorite hearing aids that will gradually be introduced to the hearing aids that we recommend here at Salyer Hearing Center. We will consider the lifestyle factors that are most important to you to ensure you get the technology you need and deserve.

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