Evaluation for Hearing Aids

After diagnostic hearing tests, hearing aid evaluations are scheduled. It can also be set up for a different date to better line up with a patient’s schedule. The appointment will reveal information about current and future hearing health. Hearing loss affects individuals, their families and even careers. That is why Salyer Hearing Center highly recommends having a loved one or friend present for the hearing aid evaluation.

Selecting a device

Benefits of amplification are discussed along with suitable recommendations. This carefully selected list of hearing aid devices are handpicked by an audiologist for one or both ears. All choices are made to be the most beneficial for a patient’s needs based off of diagnostic evaluation results, as well as the patient’s communication needs and lifestyle. Personal expectations and current lifestyles are taken into consideration when deciding which hearing aids work best. It’s a great way to gauge which technology will have daily use and perform appropriately for each patient.

Learning about hearing aids

The hearing aid evaluation contains a lot of important information about hearing aids and hearing loss. The audiologist will go over expectations for first time hearing aid users. This includes how hearing aids enhance social situations and the best way to adjust to hearing the world around you again.

Maintenance and cleaning will also be discussed, along with any warranty information that needs to be disclosed. All of this can seem a bit much at first, but the patient never loses control of their choices in the matter. They will make the decision on which of the hearing aids work best, and which features are the most appealing. To ensure the device ordered from the manufacturer is the best-suited hearing aid for the patient, the audiologist will also take into consideration their aesthetic and lifestyle wants. This includes brand, colors, styles and even accessories.

Impressions and orders

Ear impressions are often required before setting up an order. This is a quick and easy process that ensures patients get the best sound quality possible. Turnaround time for a prescription varies, and can be a few days or a few weeks, which is why the staff at Salyer Hearing Center will keep you updated on the status of your devices.

Once your hearing aids have been ordered, you will schedule a hearing aid fitting appointment to allow the audiologist to program the settings and features to your specific needs.