Taking care of your hearing health is a responsibility that you cannot afford to take lightly and booking an appointment with the audiologist is the only way to give your ears the attention that they deserve. The first step, however, is knowing when to make a visit.

It’s not just senior citizens with hearing loss that need to book a visit. Here are five types of people who should see the audiologist at the earliest stage possible.

Individuals who have noticed hearing difficulties

Hearing loss is a very common health complaint. In fact, it affects close to 50 million U.S citizens. Unfortunately, if left untreated, minor issues can lead to severe hearing loss or even total deafness.

If you’ve suddenly noticed that you need to turn the TV up or continually ask people to repeat themselves, it’s time to see the audiologist. Whether you have damaged hearing, an infection or a wax blockage, this is the best type of support by far. Early detection leads to faster solutions.

Individuals who have endured tinnitus

After hearing loss, tinnitus is the most common ear-related health concern. This is when you can hear sounds when there isn’t an external source and it can be debilitating for the user.

Whether it’s buzzes, whistles or whirling, managing your tinnitus is an essential step to restoring a sense of normality. Potential solutions include hearing aids, sound machines and therapies. Whatever the best route might be, the audiologist will be there to help.

Individuals who need hearing aids or fittings

If hearing loss or tinnitus has been confirmed, it’s likely that hearing aids will be required. Only an audiologist has the skills, experience and equipment to find the right answer for you.

There are many types of hearing aid devices on the market. Choosing the best option requires consideration of your unique hearing profile as well as individual preferences. The audiologist can help you with the hearing aid fittings to ensure you have a comfortable fit each and every day.

Individuals who have had problems with their hearing devices

Managing your hearing loss, tinnitus or other conditions with hearing devices will bring immediate benefits. However, it’s equally important to keep them in perfect condition at all times.

Hearing aids are powerful but delicate devices that can become faulty for a whole host of reasons, including battery problems, tubing and amplification issues. Or perhaps your hearing profile has changed, meaning your device requires a recalibration. Either way, the audiologist can restore the device to its best.

Individuals who work in noisy locations

The audiologist isn’t only concerned with treating existing problems and will also want to help you prevent potential damage. This is particularly pertinent when working in loud situations.

Whether you work in music, construction or another noisy setting, the right choice of ear defense is vital. Even if your employer offers standard facilities, it’s imperative that you take your hearing health seriously by getting fitted with the best option for your needs. Let the audiologist make it happen.